How to Buy Football Tickets

With football the number 1 sport in the world there is always a demand for tickets to the matches. Tickets for the biggest teams in the world can reach hundreds of pounds for the high profile matches.

We always advise readers to use official outlets for the tickets but more often than not the tickets are sold out. With this it is important to get the tickets from safe and trusted suppliers. are a highly recommended website which we have seen grow over the years. They are now the trusted website to use especially for Manchester United and Liverpool football tickets.

The football ticket market is worth millions of pounds every year, therefore there are dedicated websites for the resale of tickets. There are many websites set up in different countries outside of the UK so it is important that the website has a contact number and answer your calls.

There are some websites which we cannot recommend and they can be seen on this website below. Many of these companies offer tickets that they don’t have in their possession, simply purchasing them when the prices lower.

Most tickets sold in the UK are in the form of actual paper tickets however for the major clubs they now have e-tickets and member card systems implemented. This means that the tickets are preloaded on the card, meaning that the fan simply passes this through the turnstile to gain entry to the match.


High percentage of tickets are Member cards / Season cards. There are a small percentage of paper tickets available for this game however most fans will be delivered member cards that they will return.

Manchester United

20/30% of tickets are in paper format with the rest as Manchester United member tickets.


Season ticket holders and Red Members have tickets loaded on the fan cards. Similar system to Arsenal.

Does the Market Change?

On most occasions ticket prices remain relative in which they don’t fluctuate too much, with this ticket prices will be same until the week of the game. This is when we notice prices either increase or decrease. The advice give by the team at is that it is best to purchase on the Sunday before the game, leaving it later results in ticket prices possibly increasing. Source

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